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When you call: Our receptionist will inquire as to your specific orthotic or prosthetic needs. We may ask if you have a prescription and about your insurance. We will also attempt to schedule an appointment time that is most convenient to you.

When you arrive: You will be asked to fill out some necessary forms while we make a copy of your insurance or Medicaid/Medicare information. Please make sure to have a current copy of your insurance information with you. Arriving a few minutes before your scheduled appointment is recommended. These extra minutes give you time to fill out any necessary paperwork-even if you have been to our office before we may need to update your patient information.

After a short wait: You will be shown to a patient room specific to your needs and one of our practioners will begin his or her evaluation. Please note that due to the unique nature of our work it is often difficult to predict the exact length of time needed to see a patient. While we try to stay on schedule as much as possible, we do sometimes fall behind. We ask for your understanding and consideration in this matter. Remember if it was you or your child, you would want us to take as long as necessary to ensure that the orthotic or prosthetic device he or she was receiving fit and functioned properly and to its highest capability. Please be assured that when it is your turn to be served you will be given the same high level of care and attention.

Initial evaluation: During your first visit to our office one of our practitioners will conduct an evaluation of your condition and the orthotic or prosthetic device you need. The practitioner will ask you questions about the nature of the condition that leads you to need an orthotic or prosthetic device. We ask that you be as factual and thorough as possible when answering these questions. The more information our practitioner has to work with the more effective they will be in creating a device appropriate to your needs. We will endeavor to assure that the practitioner who sees you initially will continue to see you for the duration of your visits. However, due to scheduling difficulties at times you may need to see another of our highly qualified practitioners.


Casting: After the practitioner has completed the initial evaluation, he or she may cast or measure you for the device that you need. The practitioner will cast you by taking a plaster impression of your limb or residual limb using Plaster of Paris and/ or plaster bandages. Once the plaster has dried sufficiently it will be gently removed. The plaster will then be cleaned from your skin and you will have completed your first visit. On your way out of the office you will make an appointment to return for the fit of your orthotic or prosthetic device.

Initial fitting: You will return to our office on the scheduled date. At this time, the practitioner will see you to determine if the device constructed for you fits and functions properly. He or she will have you try on the orthotic or prosthetic device and will observe you while wearing it. If all has gone well you will be able to leave our office at this time with your orthotic or prosthetic device. However, some devices may require adjustments in order to fit and function to their fullest. Usually these adjustments can be made on the spot and a short wait is all that is required. Some devices are more complicated and require more in depth adjustment. If your orthotic or prosthetic device falls into this category you will probably have to return for an additional fitting.

Final fitting: During this visit, the practitioner will make final adjustments. You will typically leave with your device after this visit.

Depending on the nature of your orthotic or prosthetic device, all or part of the above steps may be required. Due to the nature of prosthetics, there may be more visits than listed above between your casting and final fitting. As more visits are typically necessary to ensure your safety and comfort, please bear with us. We understand it can be a frustrating process and will do our utmost to finish as rapidly as possible. These extra visits enable us to provide you with the highest quality device.


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Prosthetic Orthotic Center

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Prosthetic Orthotic Center

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